Man twice shot during NC robbery and home invasion

Google maps image of Barclay Hills Drive

WILMINGTON, N.C. (WECT) — A man was shot twice during a home invasion in Wilmington early Tuesday morning.

According to the Wilmington Police Department, several people were inside a residence at 309 Barclay Hills Drive when a suspect entered through an unlocked back door just before 1 a.m. and shot the victim.

In a 911 call, a woman can be heard frantically describing the situation as it unfolded.

“Just come. Somebody’s been shot. We’re being held hostage. Hurry up,” she pleaded with the dispatcher.

Police said the suspect took the occupants’ cell phones, then took the victim into a back bedroom and shot him again.

The suspect then left through a window.

Midway through the eight minute 911 call, the caller apparently hands the phone to the victim, who has not been identified.

“I’ve been shot two times,” the victim said. The victim was shot in the stomach and the leg, according to New Hanover County dispatch logs.

Emergency crews took the victim to New Hanover Regional Medical Center. His condition is not known at this time.

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