NCGOP: Durham recounts votes or NC recounts votes

NCGOP's Dallas Woodhouse

RALEIGH, N.C. (WNCN) – The North Carolina Republican Party wants a recount — either of Durham County’s votes or of the whole state.

Tuesday afternoon, Roy Cooper held a 9,764 vote lead over Gov. Pat McCrory with 91 counties reporting final results.

“The process has to be gone through whether there’s a likelihood in the change in the outcome for governor or not,” said NCGOP Executive Director Dallas Woodhouse. “Durham County is going to recount its vote or the entire state will, if that is an option.”

The NCGOP wants to see more than 90,000 votes from Durham County recounted, the same votes that were reported late on Election Night following some technical issues.

They’re asking the State Board of Elections to grant that recount.

“I believe that when the process is concluded that we will have a result that the people of North Carolina can have confidence in,” Woodhouse said.

Durham’s Board of Election unanimously rejected a request for that recount.

“We determined there was no evidence to support that protest and we ruled accordingly,” said Bill Brian, Durham County Board of Elections chairman.

Durham’s Board of Elections met Tuesday to finish its election canvass.

It also referred the ballots of four people accused of voting with active felonies to the State Board of Elections.

Durham County’s Board of Elections will also be at the State Board Wednesday as the state decides whether to grant the recount of those 90,000-plus ballots.

The NCGOP said election laws also need to be re-examined, including same-day registration and voting out of precinct on Election Day.

Opponents said the courts have already spoken on this and any effort to change current law would be an effort to suppress the vote.

Also Tuesday, North Carolina Democrats called on McCrory to concede.

“We’re standing here today to say it is time for Gov. McCrory to do the right thing and allow the state of North Carolina to move forward,” said Rep. Grier Martin (D-Wake). “This haphazard undercutting of that faith that the public has in our system, with no factual basis by the McCrory campaign, does damage to our ability to do good for the state.”

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