Durham County recounts nearly 53,000 ballots over weekend

DURHAM, N.C. (WNCN/AP) — Durham County on Sunday continued recounting more than 90,000 votes in the hopes of complying with a State Board of Elections order to complete the count by Monday evening.

A county spokesman confirmed the recount of ballots from five early voting sites and one Election Day precinct began early Saturday afternoon.

On Sunday, Durham officials added more machines to help speed up the recounting process. By the end of Sunday, the county had recounted 52,833 ballots.

The Durham board had planned to start running the ballots through tabulation machines Sunday but moved it up when the state board declined to extend its earlier deadline.

The recount was ordered after some technical issues on election night led to the late uploading of numbers that put Democrat Roy Cooper up over Republican Gov. Pat McCrory by about 5,000 votes.

That advantage has since expanded to more than 10,000 votes as nearly all other counties have finished their tallies.

The board said that it would announce specific precinct numbers only as those precincts were completed during the counting.

One precinct, the Eno River Unitary Fellowship polling site, was completed Sunday afternoon with a recount number of 18,281 ballots. Officials said that was the same as was reported on election night and during the county canvass.

The county board also posted more results from recounted precincts on a website.

The board worked Sunday from 9 a.m. to 7 p.m.  By the end of the workday Saturday, about 20,000 ballots were recounted in Durham County

Durham board Chairman Bill Brian said the Durham recount will continue Monday at 9 a.m..

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