CAUGHT ON CAMERA: Landlord has sex on tenant’s bed, uses her wedding dress to clean up

COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo. (KXRM) — A Colorado couple is incensed after their home security system alerted them to an unexpected intrusion.

Logan Pierce and his wife Mikaela Digiulio had been renting a room at the Skyway Condominiums since July. After getting a window broken out, they set up a hidden camera. They couldn’t believe what they ended up catching on video.

“My phone was buzzing at lunch and it said that there was noise detected in my bedroom which was kind of unusual,” said Pierce. “I opened up the app on my phone and sure enough there were some unexpected people in the shot.”

One of them was his landlord, Carlos Quijada. The other person, he still doesn’t know. But what Pierce saw in the video was the two having sex on his and his wife’s bed.

“I didn’t really know what to think at first,” Pierce said. “It was kind of disbelief. I had to quit the app and then open it back up again to make sure I wasn’t seeing things.”

Then he had to break the disturbing news to his wife.

“I was like, ‘Oh no, is that my bed? Oh no, that’s my room!’ and I was like, ‘Oh no, oh no!’ so I called him I was like, ‘What do we do?’ and he was like, ‘I think we have to move and I was like, ‘He’s breaking and entering, I have to call the cops,’” Digiuilo said.

That’s exactly what she did. The video was turned over to CSPD. Now, Quijada is being charged with felony trespassing.

“It was just a complete violation of privacy, personal space, and any sort of trust I had built up with him,” said Pierce.

The lease clearly states the landlord has access to the property in the common areas. However, police say landlords do not have the right to go in and do anything they want.

The couple was most upset that Quijada chose to use Digiuilo’s wedding dress to clean up the mess.

“It was rough,” Digiuilo said. “I wore that to my cousin’s wedding and that’s why I wore it for our wedding. They were both pretty informal and it just had a special place in my heart and so it was just kind of like, ‘Hey man, we pay rent on time. We don’t do anything wrong. We didn’t deserve this.’”

Needless to say the couple has moved out, although not before Quijada asked for rent to be paid. FOX21 gave him a call, but he said his attorney won’t allow him to comment.

Now Pierce and Digiuilo are trying to get the scars out of their minds and stains out of their sheets.

“My first thought was let’s burn it all. Everything in the house. Let’s bag it and burn it. You can’t save any of it. We bought so much bleach. I’m pretty sure we bought Walmart out,” said Digiuilo.

The couple said Quijada owns several other properties, and they just hope this doesn’t happen to anyone else.

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