Stolen police uniforms found in Raleigh hotel murder suspect’s getaway car, police say

RALEIGH, N.C. (WNCN) – Stolen Durham police uniforms were found in a vehicle used by suspects after the double murder at a Raleigh hotel last week, police said.

UPDATE: 2nd suspect in Raleigh hotel double murder arrested in Florida

See more photos of the victims and suspects
See more photos of the victims and suspects

Dwayne Garvey and April Lynn Holland were found shot to death at the America’s Best Value Inn off Glenwood Avenue early December 2.

Seaga Edward Gillard and Brittany Jenzell Hooks appeared in court Monday in connection with the shooting deaths.

Gillard was charged with murdering April Holland. He is being held without bond following his Monday court appearance.

Hooks had her bond doubled by the judge to $100,000 after being charged with felony speeding to elude.

Hooks is accused of driving the second murder suspect, 29-year-old Brandon Xavier Hill, during a chase with law enforcement.

The chase began on I-540 in Raleigh around 3 a.m. December 3 and ended when Hill jumped out of the vehicle and ran in Durham County, officials said.

Hill is still on the run.

Police said they found a large bag in the car which included numerous firearms, including the potential the murder weapon.

Officers also found Durham Police Department uniforms, which were confirmed to be the ones stolen from an officer’s home in November.

According to a search warrant, police found two Durham police jackets, one Durham police sweater, four Durham police uniform pants, four Durham police long sleeve shirts, four Durham police short sleeve shirts, one Durham police winter jacket, one Durham police hat with badge, one North Carolina Department of Corrections badge, and one Fugitive Agent badge, among the multiple handguns and dozens of rounds of ammunition that was also recovered.

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Both Gillard and Hooks are scheduled to appear in court December 28.

As for the family of April Holland, they are now making funeral plans.

“I always told April when we grow old and get older, we can be there for each other and we can have our kids grow up with each other and we can do simple things like go to the mall, take our kids to the park, do sister things that our normal. And that’s all I wanted,” said the victim’s sister Angel Holland.

Angel Holland said her sister had been with Garvey for several years and had three children together.

April Holland was three months pregnant, according to her sister.

Family said in the last month April Holland had started getting treatment for drug addiction for the first time and her family was hopeful she would get back on the right path.

They believe the killing was drug-related, but police have not confirmed that.

They want the harshest punishment possible for the men who shot and killed the couple.

GoFundMe pages have been established for April Holland and Garvey.


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