8 homes ransacked in Raleigh’s Five Points area

RALEIGH, N.C. (WNCN) – A recent string of burglaries has an area of Raleigh on edge.


In the last seven days, eight Raleigh families around the Five Points area have returned to ransacked homes.

CBS North Carolina spoke to two residents that believe the same group of men is responsible for the crimes.

Gray Carlin said she stepped out of her house last Friday evening to pick up her son and when they returned minutes later, they weren’t alone.

“I said to my son, ‘somebody’s in the house, run.’ And we started running out the side door and I started calling 911,” recounted Carlin.

Carlin said she knew something was wrong when she saw their safe had been moved.

After running to their car outside, she and her son saw the men they believe broke into their home.

“One came running out the front when we were out there and went running across the street with a big pillowcase full of stuff,” said Carlin.

While Carlin stopped the thieves from taking their safe, nearby resident Lawrence Duke wasn’t as lucky.

Gray Carlin

“There were weapons and a large floor safe and they left the weapons, they left all of our electronics. It appears they slid the safe down our stairs,” said Duke.

Duke said his home was broken into November 29, less than half an hour after he left for work.

Surveillance video from a neighbor’s house actually shows the burglars backing into Duke’s driveway in a light-colored sedan and leaving in a matter of seconds.

Despite the loss, both families are just happy to have avoided an even scarier scenario.

“I have children, and my 16-year-old, it could have been him coming in. And I’m so lucky I didn’t come face to face,” said Carlin.

Raleigh police are investigating the crimes but won’t yet say whether or not they’re connected.

Police also tell us they will adjust patrol techniques based on the crime data from those neighborhoods.

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