McCrory to meet with President-elect Trump Wednesday

NEW YORK (WBTV/WNCN) – Gov. Pat McCrory is scheduled to meet with president-elect Donald Trump Wednesday at Trump Tower in New York, CBS News confirmed.

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Monday morning, McCrory released a video conceding the election to Democratic challenger Roy Cooper. The two were in a close battle for governor in a heated race.

The results have been in limbo after dozens of protests were filed in counties across the state and official county canvasses being held.

At the time of his concession Monday, four weeks after the election, McCrory was trailing to Cooper by more than 10,200 votes. This would have been outside of the 10,000 vote cap to request a statewide recount.

McCrory is expected to meet with Trump at Trump Tower after the president-elect attends a fundraiser earlier in the morning.

Sources tell CBS North Carolina that the outgoing governor could be up for a number of positions, including cabinet-level. The potential areas are energy, commerce, FEMA and transportation.

Trump has already chosen cabinet members for transportation and commerce, but there are other positions within the administration.

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