NC woman cashing in as ‘Hatchimal’ craze hits for Christmas

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WILMINGTON, N.C. (WECT) — It’s one of this year’s hottest toys, but finding a Hatchimal is harder than you may think.

The owner of Learning Express in Wilmington said they get around five people every day looking for the interactive toy before Christmas. Box stores in the area are sold out, leaving people to search online.

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Samantha Newport has been on the hunt for a Hatchimal for her daughter since August. She said she bought one for her and bought an extra when she saw how they were being promoted.

Newport put an offer on the Wilmington Yard Sales Facebook page for $125 for the toy, originally $59.99 retail. She said the response was overwhelmingly negative.

“I said it’s basic economic supply and demand. The supply’s not there but the demand is,” Newport said.

Newport said she’s already sold one of the toys and plans to sell more online.

“They said the average rate in America is a $100 right now. So I came down to $125 and a woman bought it because it was all her daughter asked for for Christmas, she’s six, and it made me happy,” she said.

Newport said the profit she made is going toward Christmas for her family, but after that, she plans on donating to families part of the Wilmington Pay it Forward group. She said she’ll be paying for trees, dinners, and toys for children in need.

“Because I’ve been in need myself, and I’ve been there, my children have been without Christmas,” Newport said.

Newport said she hopes for a more positive response for the new shipment of Hatchimals.

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