Knife-wielding suspect charged Raleigh officers before shooting, report says

RALEIGH, N.C. (WNCN) – A man injured during a Raleigh officer-involved shooting ran out of a bedroom with a knife towards officers before being shot, according to a report released by police officials.

raleigh officer injured

On November 30 around 2:40 p.m., Master Officer T.A. Duford, Master Officer R.D. Vanhouten and First Class Officer C.N. Chandler responded to a breaking and entering in progress call from 1230 University Court, apartment 202.

The officers were told a suspect who had been evicted from his apartment earlier in the day had broken into his old apartment and was still inside.

The apartment consists of four bedrooms with a shared kitchen and common area.

A woman inside apartment 202 opened the door for officers and allowed them inside. She told police she and her brother had been called by another tenant in 202 because their brother, Chijioke Kennedy Madueke, had broken into his old apartment, the report states.

Duford began to communicate with Madueke through the bedroom door. The report says Madueke opened the door slightly but kept one hand inside a jacket pocket.

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Vanhouten and Chandler had moved into the common area of the apartment when the report says officers made several attempts to get Madueke to come out of the room.

Madueke then stepped back from the door and pulled out what the report said was a wooden-handled kitchen knife with a three or four inch blade.

Duford then backed up from the door and drew his service weapon. The report says Duford commanded Madueke to drop the knife.

Vanhouten and Chandler also drew their weapons as Madueke shut the door to the bedroom.

The report says Madueke then rushed from the room towards Duford and Chandler. Chandler was in a low crouch position.

“Believing Mr. Madueke posed an imminent danger to both the officers in the room as well as to his siblings, all three officers fired at Mr. Madueke,” the report states.

Madueke and Chandler were shot.

Chijioke Kennedy Madueke (CCBI)
Chijioke Kennedy Madueke (CCBI)

Emergency medical assistance was immediately called in as Chandler left the apartment to check his wounds.

Chandlers ballistic vest stopped the bullet.

Madueke suffered gunshot wounds to his arm, leg and torso, the report says. Duford and Vanhouten began administering first aid on Madueke until the ambulance arrived.

Chandler has since been released from the hospital.

Madueke remains hospitalized in stable condition.

None of the officers were equipped with body cameras but the victim’s brother said he recorded the entire incident using his cell phone.

As of the release of the shooting’s five-day report, that video had not been retrieved or reviews by the SBI or Raleigh police.

All three officers have been placed on administrative leave, per departmental policy. Records obtained by CBS North Carolina show the officers involved have no record of promotion, demotion, suspension, or separation for disciplinary reasons.

CBS North Carolina will update this story as more information becomes available.

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