High school to raise cattle for school lunches


AKRON, Ind. (WANE) — Four steers were delivered to Tippecanoe Valley High School, located in western Kosciusko County, on Thursday. The steers will be raised at the high school and are a major component of the school’s Farm-to-Fork program according to a news release sent out by the Tippecanoe Valley School Corporation.

The Farm-to-Fork initiative started as an idea in a political economic studies class where a discussion began about how to provide a better quality meal for students in the school cafeteria. The idea eventually turned into a plan to raise calves on school grounds, process the meat, and then use the meat in school lunches.

Dale Miller, who raises cattle on his farm near Claypool, sold the steers to the school at a discount. Miller has spent his entire life around agriculture and wanted to be involved with the program once he heard about it.

“It’s very applicable for a rural school because a lot of the students are probably involved in agriculture in some degree. They now get hands-on experience working directly with this,” said Miller, who is also a Tippecanoe Valley graduate.

The steers are a mix of both Angus and Hereford breeds. They will be raised to a certain weight and then processed at This Old Farm in Colfax, Indiana, a USDA-inspected processing facility.

“It’s really exciting that they’re doing this. I think it’s going to be a good program. It really makes sense for kids to see how this works from A to B,” said Miller.

According to the news release, school curriculum will be designed around the program for a variety of subjects. Community partnerships and grant money will be looked at to sustain Farm-to-Fork in the future.

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