Cumberland County School locked down after student protest over coach

FAYETTEVILLE, N.C. (WNCN) — Friday, Westover High School was put on “code yellow” lockdown after students protested for the reinstatement of a basketball coach.

Students protesting said women’s basketball coach Tammy Brown was unfairly removed from her position.

“She genuinely loved her kids,” said Desiree Johnson, a manger for the basketball team. “She’s like a family member to us.”

Students outside and inside of the school chanted “Let Coach Brown Coach.”

Cumberland County School District Officials said they were forced to heighten the school’s security, locking campus doors.

Parents said the controversy started when Brown organized a team bonding night, an event parents said is a tradition and one they signed off on.

“We were totally aware of everything our children was doing that weekend,” said Amber Kincy.

Cumberland County schools officials refused to comment on the situation.

Kincy’s daughter is one of the players on Brown’s basketball team. Kincy said it’s been hard for the entire team. Players spent all week unsure what to expect for Friday’s game.

“The girls were expecting her to be back,” she said.

“We’re just trying to lift their spirits and be positive for them so they can focus on the game,” said Kincy.

Brown did not coach at the game.

Both the Westover High School athletic director and principal were at the game Friday, but neither would comment about the incident.

CBS North Carolina has filed an official information request for the employment status of Tammy Brown.

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