Durham Christmas parade returns after 8 years

The Durham Christmas Parade!

DURHAM, N.C. (WNCN) — The Christmas spirit returned to Main Street in downtown Durham on Saturday after an eight year hiatus.

Durham city officials brought back the parade for 2016. The parade included 11 marching bands from the Durham area and 13 floats

“It’s absolutely great. What’s so good about it is the residents of the city of Durham really enjoyed the parades. The fact that we can have it this year – it makes us have so much joy,” said Cynthia Booth, Public Affairs Specialist for Durham Parks and Recreation.

Teresa Kanu has lived in Durham since 1988. She attended Saturday’s parade with her family all bundled up for the cold.

Kanu is happy the Christmas parade returned.

“I felt that we were missing something when the parade left. And then we had to go elsewhere to visit other parades and go to other cities. We are a great city. We are (in) the heart of North Carolina – why wouldn’t we have our own?” Kanu said.

The parade was stopped eight years ago because of low attendance and road construction in the city, but low attendance was not a factor this year.

People crowded the streets from the start of the parade down to the end on South Buchanan Boulevard.

“Well, I really hope the parade sticks around because, as you can see, there are so many people out here. Different types of people and everybody smiling and waving,” Joshua Rudisill said.

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