‘One of largest pot busts’ in NC county’s history, sheriff says

FRANKLINVILLE, NC — The Randolph County Sheriff’s Office discovered between $140,000 and $150,000 worth of marijuana Friday morning in a drug bust.

Randolph Co. deputies found 166 marijuana plants at an elaborate indoor grow operation in Franklinville off Creekwood Drive. Deputies believe the plants would have produced around 170 pounds of weed.

Two men were arrested in connection to the bust, which RCSO says is one of the largest pot busts in Randolph County history. Miguel La Rosa Quintana and Duniesky La Rosa Galvan are in jail under a $350,000 bond. Both were charged with Felony Possession With Intent To Manufacture, Sell and Deliver Marijuana.

Sheriff’s Deputies say they followed up after receiving a tip from the public.

Sheriff Robert Graves believes this was a professional grade operation and is connected to a previous pot bust in Moore County. It’s believed there have been three harvests from the operation.

Grow lights, plastic containers, ballasts, fertilizer, and a water filtration system were also found.

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