Puppies and mother abandoned in box on NC street corner

HIGH POINT, N.C. (WFMY) — Two puppies and their mother have been rescued after they were left in a box, abandoned on the side of the road in High Point.

Police say the puppies were left out in the cold on the corner of Chestnut Drive and Meadow Place.

The puppies were trapped inside a closed plastic box, with no blankets and no padding.

Their mother was left outside the box and was just roaming around with no protection from the cold.

Luckily, someone called 911 and an officer picked them up before they froze to death.

Beth Smith is a 911 operator in High Point. She took the call Thursday night about the abandoned puppies.

Smith says when the officer brought the puppies back to the station, she knew they were coming home with her.

“It is heart wrenching to know these animals might not be here today,” said Smith. “Mama might have found some shelter but if you leave animals in a box like this covered up, many people would have just walked by and not stopped.”

The black puppy is a boy and the brown one is a girl.

Smith thinks they’re about six weeks old.

The mother is about two years old and Smith says she looks like a pit bull but there’s no way to be certain.

Smith says they all look to be well fed, so they don’t think they were left alone very long.

“I just can’t believe that someone can just leave animals like this,” said Smith. “And it looks like they’ve been really well taken care of for a while so I just don’t understand why someone would just leave them on a street corner.”

Smith took the dogs to the vet on Friday afternoon.

The vet told Smith that all three dogs are pretty healthy.

He said they all have some type of intestinal worms, but that’s normal.

Smith says they will be treating the worms for the next three days.

The mother was given a rabies vaccine and was checked for heart worms, which came back negative.

Smith says she wants to keep the puppies but she already has two dogs of her own.

So now she’s looking to find them all a good home.

The black puppy has already been claimed but the brown one is up for adoption.

If you’re interested in adopting, call the High Point non-emergency line at 336-883-3224.

High Point police are investigating this case and looking for the person who abandoned the dogs.

So far, they have no leads.

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