Prosecutors: NC man used hammer, laptop cord and plastic bag to kill roommate


ROSE HILL, N.C. (WNCT) – A Rose Hill man killed his roommate in 2015 by hitting him in the head with a hammer, then strangling him with a laptop cord and suffocating him with a plastic bag, the Duplin County District Attorney’s Office said Thursday.

Specifics of the murder emerged when Nelson Corbett pleaded guilty Thursday to the second-degree murder of Ralmon Sanderson in Duplin County Superior Court.

Corbett called 911 the night of the murder and reported Sanderson needed medical help, prosecutors said. He then gave inconsistent alibis for where he was during the murder and after being confronted on his inconsistencies by law enforcement, he eventually confessed to killing Sanderson in his home on Ridge Lane after he lost his temper during an argument, prosecutors said.

Corbett was sentenced to a minimum of 294 months and a maximum of 265 months by Superior Court Judge Douglas Parsons.

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