Surveillance video of trespassers draws concern in Raleigh neighborhood

(Courtesy of the Homeowner)

RALEIGH, N.C. (WNCN) — A Raleigh neighborhood is on edge after a surveillance video showing three men at the home before they appear to realize they’re being recorded and leave.

Many houses in the neighborhood back up to Powell Drive Park, and residents worry that after dark it’s an easy approach for those looking to break into homes.

Thursday night, one family got a scare from their home surveillance system.

The camera captured a scene feet from Janet Mobley’s back door.

“We were alerted and saw footage on our security camera of people trespassing on our property and what looked like people approaching our door,” she said.

The police now have that video, and so does the neighborhood via Facebook and other social media.

“They posted that video about 15 minutes after it happened,” said neighbor Joshua Wilson. “That’s how we saw it. We have all the neighbors’ numbers, so we called them to let them know to lock their doors and not take out their trash.”

Mobley said she’s going to add several cameras to her existing security system.

“I want to know who was on my back porch, and I want them to know there are cameras all over the neighborhood,” she said.

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