Durham city leaders ask SBI to expedite probe into deadly police shooting

Frank Nathaniel Clark (Provided to CBS North Carolina)

DURHAM, N.C. (WNCN) — The City of Durham is formally asking the SBI to expedite the investigation into the police-involved shooting death of 34-year-old Frank Clark.

Clark was shot and killed by Durham police last month when the officers said Clark reached for his waist band during an altercation.  Police also said they found a stolen gun.

Durham city leaders were in a closed-door session for more than two hours discussing the incident Monday night.

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As well as expediting the process, Durham leaders are requesting the SBI make the findings public when the investigation is over – similar to what was done during a deadly police-involved shooting in Charlotte a few months ago.

Durham Council Member Jillian Johnson says this decision will help build transparency for the Durham community.

“That’s a major issue for this city is not knowing how long this process is going to take and for the community looking for answers not knowing how long it will take, is really troubling. So asking for the process to be expedited as it has been for several other incidents in the state will really move us to have a resolution here,” Johnson said.

Johnson told CBS North Carolina she is still working to get the disciplinary records of police officers involved in the shooting: C.Q. Goss, M.D. Southerland AND  C.S. Barkley.

Johnson said releasing those records is a decision city manager Tom Bonfield would have to make.

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