LGBTQ community ‘cautiously optimistic’ about prospects for HB2 repeal

Candis Cox, a transgender woman and LGBTQ advocate

RALEIGH, N.C. (WNCN) — The LGBTQ community was quick to react to the likelihood that House Bill 2 could be overturned in a special session of the General Assembly this week.

They’ve been part of the vocal face of the opposition to House Bill 2.

There have been Moral Monday protests, air horn orchestras and more for several months since House Bill 2 was passed.

“I am cautiously optimistic,” said Candis Cox, a transgender woman and LGBTQ advocate.

Cox said House Bill 2 was unnecessary and discriminatory.

“Its very hurtful but, more importantly, its insulting because it insinuates that with all of these sexual offenses that have taken place, which are awful and unfortunate, that we have been able to identify transgender people as being the ones that are committing those crimes,” Cox said.

Chris Sgro is the Executive Director of Equality NC. He’s also the first openly gay member of the General Assembly.

“Every day that goes by is another day that we are not able to bring NCAA games back. That weren’t not able to bring the NBA back and that PayPal doesn’t think about relocating,” said Rep. Chris Sgro, of Greensboro.

Sgro said he heard from several members of the LGBTQ community. He believes the protests, loss of business, sporting events and concerts all added up.

But others see it in a different way. For them its about protecting women and girls in bathrooms and locker rooms.

“Its what stands between the people of North Carolina and the violation of their privacy, safety and living out their lives in freedom,” said Tami Fitzgerald, the Executive Director of NC Values.

Cox said opponents of House Bill 2 sent a message, and that message was the election of Roy Cooper over Pat McCrory.

“This law has really helped us put into the forefront trans people and the issues that we face on a whole here in North Carolina,” Cox said.

The special session is scheduled for Wednesday.

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