Salvation Army opens Christmas Cheer center in Wake County

Bicycles at the Christmas Cheer center in Raleigh. Photo by David Grzybowski /CBS North Carolina.

RALEIGH, N.C. (WNCN) — Christmas came early Monday for families in Wake County as The Salvation Army opened their Christmas Cheer center in Raleigh.

The warehouse on Newbern Avenue was packed with hundreds of volunteers welcoming those who need some help this holiday season.

“When I give it to my boys, it’s going to be like, their faces, their expressions is going to be out of this world. They are going to be so happy,” said Angelica Machuca.

Families from across Wake County got a chance to get bags full of toys, clothing, stockings and stuffed animals.

Althea Davis came to the Christmas Cheer center for her two grandchildren.

Davis has not been working for two years because of a back injury, but this Christmas she is able to get her family everything they wanted.

“It’s going to be very exciting because a lot of the things they wanted I was actually able to get here today. It’s going to be very exciting to see them open up their gifts and actually get what they wanted to Christmas,” Davis said.

Officials expect 3,000 families will visit the Christmas Cheer center on New Bern Avenue.  Each child can get two toys and they have a chance to win a bicycle.

“A lot of these families are coming for the very first time in their lives and they are seeking assistance. Whether that’s because they have been affected by hurricane Matthew or maybe a medical issue or if someone lost a job they are wanting their kids to have a happy Christmas and we absolutely all can relate to that,” Lizzy Adams said from The Salvation Army.

Click here to contribute to the Salvation Army.

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