Toddler suffers frostbite after being left alone in freezing car overnight

Nicole Carmon

THORTON, Colo. (WFLA) — Police found a 2-year-old freezing in a car in a parking lot in Thorton, Colorado, but investigators are still looking for answers from his mother.

Police said, “She is having problems apparently, she keeps changing her story.”

Police said Nicole Carmon said she was in an accident and left her car overnight. But, now investigators said they cannot find a record of an accident and Carmon had previous infractions including a DUI.

Investigators say the toddler spent at least seven hours inside the cold car. The child suffered from frostbite and hypothermia.

Officials said the bone-chilling cold in Colorado is dangerous for anyone outside, and the consequences of hypothermia can devastating.

Dr. Jared with Scott-Swedish Medical Center said, “Hypothermia in extreme cases can be deadly whereas frostbite, there can be dire consequences, such as losing the tip of your nose but generally it’s not going to be life threatening.”

A judge will decide what kind of consequences the toddler’s mom could face.

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