NC family pleads for return of dirt bikes boys received for Christmas

The dirt bikes that were stolen from the family.

MIDDLESEX, N.C. (WNCN) — A Johnston County family is asking the community for help getting stolen Christmas presents back.

“You’re taking from kids. You’re taking from a 13-year-old and 9-year-old,” said Jamie Narron about the thieves who came onto their Middlesex property.

Narron is still in disbelief after finding out her sons’ new Christmas presents were stolen while they were sleeping Wednesday night. She says her husband checked their shed Thursday morning and discovered a broken lock and two missing dirt bikes.

“He said, ‘they stole the dirt bikes!’ and he was crying. I started crying,” said Narron.

Narron says the theft from their backyard shed happened sometime overnight, but they didn’t hear a thing, and their outside motion-activated lights didn’t come on. They believe someone walked from the road to the shed, got the bikes and then walked them back to the road. Narron says it was tough to break the news to her sons.

“I told them you know, ‘Hey, this is your Christmas gift, and it’s gone.’ They cried and then they said, ‘M,om it’s going to be OK because it doesn’t matter. We’ll get other ones, don’t worry about it.’”

“Maybe I would have jumped on it and gotten hurt today. So I try to think of it in a good way,” said Narron’s 13-year-old son Trace Parker.

Narron says she and her husband worked hard to buy the bikes their sons had been wanting for years. Her family asks that whoever took the bikes, bring them back.

“No questions asked, I don’t care if they were in my yard tonight and everybody gone. Just give them back to kids,” she pleaded.

“Bring it back because that was probably my favorite gift ever,” said Parker.

If you have any information on the missing bikes, call the Johnston County Sheriff’s Office at (919) 989-5000.

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