Raleigh man admits he ‘partially submerged’ infant girl who later died, warrant says

Marcus Alston in court. CBS North Carolina photo

RALEIGH, N.C. (WNCN) — There are new details in the case of a 10-month-old Raleigh girl who police say was murdered by her caretaker last October


Newly released court documents obtained by CBS North Carolina indicate Marcus Alston, 20, changed his story regarding the circumstances which led up to the infant being found unresponsive in a Raleigh apartment on October 16.

Before Alston was charged with felony child abuse and murder, he made a gut-wrenching 911 call regarding his efforts to resuscitate 10-month-old Laniyh Pierce.

Caller: Her body is completely limp.
Dispatcher: Okay
Caller: C’mon, you can’t die. Don’t die, please don’t die.

Before that, Alston spent more than five minutes on the phone with dispatchers.

Dispatcher: Is she awake?
Caller: No, no. I’m doing mouth to mouth. I’m doing child CPR. Nothing’s working. She has boogers and stuff coming out of her nose while I do the CPR.

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Prosecutor Meredith Parris said at the time that the child was dead for some time when EMS arrived at the apartment at 827 Suffolk Blvd.

“He called 911 at 8:20 in the evening on Sunday and when EMS arrived the child was cool to the touch and rigor mortis has set in,” Paris told a judge.

Parris told the court the infant suffered a lacerated kidney and liver.

Alston said he was watching the infant and her twin at the apartment for his girlfriend, who was at work, and originally told police he put water on the girl’s face to wake her up.

But, the newly released warrant says he changed his story, admitting to detectives he “partially submerged” the child “in a bathtub with water to try and awaken her.”

Alston originally said he was in the apartment by himself, but the new warrant says he admitted to detectives a “female friend came over to visit him during the time leading up to the incident.”

The new warrant seeks permission to search his cell phone because detectives said in that warrant they believe other people were texted and called before the emergency 911 call.

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