Hundreds participate in 5th annual Commitment Day event in Raleigh

RALEIGH, N.C. (WNCN) – Thousands of people have committed to resolutions for the new year, which for many will mean getting fit and healthy.

Sunday, more than 250 people kick-started the year with the 5th Annual Commitment Day 5K run/walk to keep on track with their resolutions.

Organizers at the Lifetime Athletic gym, which sponsored the event, say it was a chance for people to start getting active in 2017 and to do so in a group setting.

Runners training for an upcoming race, amateur runners and families all encouraged each other in reaching their health goals.

“I try to get them to do one thing for a week at a time,” explained Chip Akers, a run coordinator with Lifetime Athletic. “Set your goals for one week and if you haven’t achieved those goals, then you give it a shot next week and if you have, you move on”

Each runner walked off with a medal.

The gym hopes the medal will be a reminder of what people hope to achieve in 2017.

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