Raleigh’s Dress for Success helps women find jobs

CBS North Carolina photo

RALEIGH, N.C. (WNCN) — In eight years of serving the Triangle, Dress for Success has worked with 10,000 women to help them get and keep jobs.

“We try to really make the experience they have here at Dress for Success an all-over feel-good experience,” said employee Denise Torain.

Raleigh’s Dress for Success location feels more like a boutique than a job training center.

But, before a client gets to shop, they meet with a career coach.

“This is an individual who will meet with her to help her with her resume, her cover letter, to help her articulate what she wants to do,” said Executive Director Beth Briggs.

It’s the kind of help single-mother of three, Monique Tirado, was looking for.

“It’s imperative that I get not just a job, but a career where I can grow, where I can support my family,” Tirado said.

After Tirado landed a job interview, style coaches helped her pick out clothes for a good first-impression.

“We try to really work on helping them … look their best, but also feel their best about themselves,” said Torain.

“That gave me a lot of the confidence I needed to go that interview and knock it right out of the park,” Tirado said.

Tirado’s been at her new job for six months, all the while getting encouragement from her Dress for Success team.

“They still contact me. They still make sure that everything is good. They’re very supportive here,” she said.

Tirado will also be graduating with a degree in human resources from Wake Tech Community College in December.

Dress for Success Triangle is mostly made up of 350 volunteers.

All the clothing is donated by the community, both from individuals and businesses. They hold six clothing sales a year to raise money for the organization.

To find out more information, click here.

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