SBI investigating video of officer slamming Roleville High School student

ROLESVILLE, N.C. (WNCN) – The North Carolina State Bureau of Investigation is now working with Rolesville officials after a police officer was caught on video slamming a student to the ground on Tuesday.

Rolesville Mayor Frank Eagles said Wednesday the investigation into the incident, which involved a school resource officer and a teen girl, could “take several days.”

The incident took place just after 7 a.m. Tuesday at Rolesville High School.

The 15-year-old girl’s mother said she believes the officer used too much force and the girl received a concussion.

“We’re being very transparent, that’s why we asked the SBI, as a third-party, to review the investigation to make sure it’s done by the book,” Eagles said.

The incident was captured in an eight second video clip, but as the video flashed around web, it created an impression of Rolesville High School that Eagles thinks is undeserved.

“We’ve got a lot of good kids at the school I hope the town is not judged by this,” Eagles said. “It’s sad a few bad apples can make a reputation to go bad.”

Freddy Wrabner, attorney for the student’s family released a statement Wednesday evening.

“To body slam someone you have to grip them up firmly, hard enough. That’s one act. You have to lift them off the ground, that’s a second act and the third act you have to slam them to the ground. So that’s a three part intentional act. That’s criminal behavior,” Wrabner said.

The mayor also said he knows the officer involved, Ruben De Los Santos.

De Los Santos is “a good guy was well-liked by the kids,” Eagles said.

On Wednesday, the Rolesville police chief and other members of the department went to the school to talk to witnesses and review the school’s video of the incident.

The mayor said there was no animosity towards police by students when they visited the school.

The students “greeted them, opened doors for them,” Eagles said. “Nobody was cursing at them and nobody demonstrated.”

Students were talking about the video at school on Wednesday.

“It’s the big gossip going around,” said Peyton Tracey, a senior. “Some people think it’s too harsh and some think it was adrenaline pumping and him trying to calm down the situation.”

The witness who recorded the video said the girl who was slammed “was trying to defend her sister and to break things up.”

De Los Santos has been a resource officer at the school for 3 ½ years, Eagles said.

De Los Santos has been placed on paid administrative leave.

De Los Santos’ body camera captured the incident, according to Eagles.

Eagles said there are two school resource officers at that school, so it’s possible there is more than one body camera video.

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