SRO’s trained to deal with young adults, Wake sheriff says

ROLESVILLE, N.C. (WNCN) – Wake County Sheriff Donnie Harrison said school resource officers receive more training dealing with young adults than some in his department.

His comments come after a school resource officer after video surfaced showing him slamming a Rolesville High student to the ground.

The incident happened while the officer was breaking up a fight.

“What you got to remember is we are law enforcement officers and regardless of whether it’s in a school or if it’s out in a parking lot or out on the street, if there’s a violation of the law and we see it, we should take some kind of action,” explained Wake County Sheriff Donnie Harrison.

Officer Ruben De Los Santos was placed on paid administrative leave pending the investigation.

“What I would say to the public and I’m not taking sides with either one because I’m not there, but get the facts before we start judging people,” Harrison said.

Wake County Public Schools signed an agreement two years ago with local law enforcement that requires 40 hours of special training and outlines officer standards. Part of that includes CIT or Crisis Intervention Training.

The Rolesville Police Department and Wake County Sheriff’s Office are part of that agreement

“These officers probably get more training especially dealing with young adults than some of my road officers because of the fact they are in school,” Harrison said.

Rolesville High School’s principal released a letter saying they will be review those standards, but sheriff Harrison says officers are trained to intervene in situations like these.

“Those school resource offers do realize they’re in a setting with younger people but on the other hand, if they can’t de-escalate it then they have to take whatever measure they think is necessary to calm it down, break it up, whatever the situation may be,” Harrison said.

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