Crews respond to dozens of burst pipes in central NC

RALEIGH, N.C. (WNCN) — During the brutal cold weather snap in central North Carolina, authorities are dealing with dozens of broken water pipes that were once frozen in buildings.


Some indoor water pipes can freeze in very cold weather and when that happens, they can possibly burst because of extra pressure from the ice that forms inside the pipe, officials say.

On Monday in Raleigh, fire officials said they responded to 15 calls for burst plumbing after the incidents were triggered by alarms.

In Fayetteville on Monday, fire crews said they had 25 calls about frozen pipes that burst.

A pipe that froze and later burst and then thawed out in a mechanical room of the library in Hope Mills on Monday caused the facility to close through Tuesday.

In Fayetteville, crews responded to places including apartment complexes, condominiums, a group home, a medical office and a nursing facility.

Officials said that they anticipate more calls on Tuesday as temperatures rise above freezing and more frozen pipes burst and then thaw.

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