Durham Rescue Mission provides warm clothing to homeless

DURHAM, N.C. (WNCN) — The Durham Rescue Mission is on a mission to help the homeless stay warm.

On Monday, two vans full of homeless men stopped by the Durham Rescue Mission Thrift Store.

“I’m shopping for some winter clothes because I need them,” said Douglas Morris. “I’m homeless and I’m on the street and I need some things to get me through the winter.”

Once inside, the men received bags and could get anything they wanted.

“I found me some pants, some sweaters,” said Marvin Spells. “Since I already have coats, I didn’t really want to take any coats that I didn’t need.”

The Durham Rescue Mission is helping more than 400 homeless people in Durham avoid freezing temperatures while they have nowhere to go during the winter months.

“It’s terrible,” said Douglas. “The worst experience for a human being.”

“We’re trying to help the homeless community particularly,” said Rob Tart, chief operating officer of the Durham Rescue Mission. “We’re in the midst of warm shelter, Rescue Warm Shelter, where we try to get the homeless community aware of the weather and bring them in.”

The organization has been doing similar work for decades.

“Sleeping under the bridge is not fun,” said Spells. “It’s not fun at all. My feet are still freezing from two nights ago.”

The clothes are given to the homeless at no cost.

“It’s definitely going to make me warm,” said Morris.

All the items inside the thrift store are donated.

The organization asks that before people toss out old clothes, they should keep those less fortunate in mind and donate to the rescue mission.  

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