Cat adopted from NC shelter spreads ringworm to family

Ramona Lisa (Sarah-Blake Morgan/WBTV)

LINCOLN COUNTY, N.C. (WBTV) – Scott Mumma and his family added an addition to their family this past December.

They spotted a black kitten at a Lincoln County Animal Services adoption event they had to bring home.

“It was just a natural fit. She was very warm and affectionate. She cuddled right up with me,” he said.

Mumma signed the paperwork and Lincoln County handed over the family’s newest addition. They named her Ramona Lisa.

“Everything was fine for about a week and a half,” Mumma said.

But, Mumma said, they soon realized Ramona Lisa came with some uninvited guests.

“The vet said not only did she have ringworm, but she also had ear mites,” he said.

Turns out Ramona Lisa wanted to share. Mumma said she passed both of the pests on to the family’s other pets. Not long after, he said red bumps starting popping up on his two young sons. A trip to the doctor revealed it was ringworm.

“They said it could be up to six months for it to clear up,” he said.

Mumma said he called Lincoln County hoping to get their vet and medical bills reimbursed, but was told they weren’t responsible and to look no further than the contract he signed.

“It was tough to hear that the shelter had a more or less, ‘it’s your problem not our problem’ type of reaction,” he said.

Lincoln County Animal Services released the following statement to WBTV:

Lincoln County Animal Services takes the health and well being of animals in our care very seriously, and while we work to adopt out only healthy animals there can be no guarantees. LCAS recognizes the risk that while animals may appear healthy in our care, there may be medical disorders present that an animal could not be showing symptoms for, and thus go undetected. For this reason, we require adopters to sign an adoption contract with a disclosure stating that they understand and accept this fact at the time of adoption.   Mr. Mumma agreed in writing to this disclosure as well.  We will continue to strive to excel at the work that we do, which includes the adoption of healthy animals to the public.”

The shelter’s response doesn’t sit well with Mumma.

“For my children, it’s very hard for them to understand that our pet, who is now a member of our family, did this to them,” he said.

Ramona Lisa and her humans are being treated for the stowaways and are all expected to fully recover, but Mumma said they’ve been through something that should have never happened.

“Take responsibility for your actions and not turning your back on the people who really care about pets,” Mumma said.

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