New website offers those arrested a chance to share their story

Ashley Bass plans to use the website to better her life. WECT photo

WILMINGTON, N.C. (WECT) – More Than The Mugshot is a website designed to improve the online image of those who have criminal backgrounds. It allows a person to tell their story after the arrest has ended.


On the website, users have their own web page to share their story in a positive light to help employers look past their background.

Ashley Bass plans to use the website to better her life. She suffered from a 17 year drug addiction.

She was in and out of jail and then made the decision to turn her life around.

“I hope to purse a career in nursing or phlebotomy. I definitely want to become independent and take care of my daughter and just be a happy whole person and live my life in a spiritual manner.”

The decision led her to the Kelly House, a rehab clinic, and More Than the Mugshot website. Linda Mcgoldrick from the Kelly House is hopeful this website helps women with a troubled past to find jobs.

“With this website I think it is going to give them the opportunity to find employment and for them to see the women in a different light.”

Being arrested does not always result in being found guilty.

“All individuals need acceptance back into society and should not be defined by that one moment in time,” said Angie Poston owner and creator of More Than the Mugshot.

Getting your story on More Than The Mugshot is not free. It is 39 dollars to join the website. Profits from the website will be used to help people get jobs. The website can be used anywhere in the United States who needs it. To qualify a person cannot be in prison, and their case has to finished.

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