Orange County library reopens after flooding during winter storm

Photo of the flooded area from the Orange County Public Library.

HILLSBOROUGH, N.C. (WNCN) — Last week, the Orange County Main Public Library was flooded after a winter storm that hit the region.

A malfunction in an HVAC unit on the roof caused water to leak into the building, damaging several areas and many books. On Saturday, the library reopened for the first time with a fresh look.

During the flooding, the first floor children’s section lost more than 900 books worth over $14,000. The books ranged from novels to Spanish language books.

The staff from the library worked all week to get the building back to normal.

“Everything for the customer is ready. Everything the patrons need is available. Some of our work areas need a little bit of work, still. We have everything ready,” Andrew Neal said.

Marianne Chauvin has lived in Hillsborough for 30 years and is a weekly customer at the library.

The flooding incident was a minor inconvenience for Chauvin’s reading list, but she is happy to see the library open.

“When I babysit I bring the kids – I babysit here. It’s beautiful. I love it,” Chauvin said.

Activity at the Orange County library did not skip a beat as people picked up and returned books. Some people did come by just make sure everything was OK.

“We are all very excited. It’s great to be back work after a week off. It’s great to see people that we usually see on a daily or weekly basis coming back in,” Alexandra Sauser-Monnig said.

The Friends of Orange County Public Library said that they can use some financial help. The team set up a GoFundMe account to help offset any expenses not covered by insurance.

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