Elizabethtown hosts annual MLK Day parade

This was the 29th year for Elizabethtown’s Martin Luther King Jr. parade.

ELIZABETHTOWN, N.C. (WNCN) – Thousands attended Elizabethtown’s parade Monday that culminated a weekend of events honoring Martin Luther King Jr.

“It’s unity in the community, bringing people together to fulfill the dream,” said Louie Boykin of Pastors Church in Elizabethtown.

This was the 29th year for Elizabethtown’s Martin Luther King Jr. parade.

With dozens of local businesses and organizations participating – residents say it’s their one-of-a-kind “homecoming.”

“I like to see the kids going out for the candy, everybody just enjoying themselves, no bad behavior, just enjoying each other, fellowshipping for the parade,” said Asmanda Lacewell, of Ringwood, North Carolina.

The energetic crowd was fueled by several fancy vehicles driving along the parade route.

Two-year-old Kingston Lewis especially enjoyed the horses as they passed by.

But the highlight of the parade was more than 1,000 bikers coming together to create a massive roar.

“It’s seems like it’s that sound of the bikers. It’s that rolling thunder coming,” Boykin said.

The bikers represented several bike clubs from around the state and from all walks of life.

But to keep it all in perspective, 9-year-old Torrean Cogdell wanted to remind the world of the true reason for the celebration.

“Martin Luther King Jr. was a great man and he wanted white people and black people to come together and no fight anymore, and kill each other and burn down houses and terrorize people, beat women, bear black men for not doing anything,” said Cogdell.

The fun didn’t end after the parade. There were more festivities at local churches and community centers all to celebrate the life and legacy of the civil rights icon.

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