Local groups demand counselors replace cops in Wake County schools

CARY, N.C. (WNCN) — It’s a few seconds of video, but the video out of Rolesville quickly went viral and sparked a big debate across the nation.

A Rolesville High School Student Resource Officer (SRO) is accused of using excessive force on a female student.

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Tuesday, some community members are challenging Wake County school leaders to make serious changes.

They held a news conference outside the school board headquarters in Cary.

The organizations holding today’s news conference are demanding that all SROs be taken out of Wake County schools.

This has all been sparked by an incident earlier this month when a Wake County SRO, later identified as Ruben De Los Santos, was seen on camera throwing a Rolesville High School sophomore girl to the floor. The officer then picks her up and leads her away.

The mother of the student told CBS North Carolina that her daughter suffered a concussion as a result of the body slamming. De Los Santos is now on paid administrative leave.

Now, the Youth Organizing Institute, Education Justice Alliance, and others are calling for the complete removal of all forms of SROs in Wake County schools.

They’re asking that they be replaced with more school counselors, psychologists, peace builders, and other community intervention workers.

Officials with the protests also believe that Wake County school officials must work on mending relationships with families impacted by police brutality.

A Twitter hashtag that’s gaining popularity is #CounselorsNOTCops.

The news conference is set for 4:30 p.m.

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