Blind cat rescue in NC opens up for visitors

One of the blind cats at the sanctuary in St. Pauls. Photo by Joey McDonald/CBS North Carolina.

ST. PAULS, N.C. (WNCN) — Cats with their own disabilities are helping others feel better.

The cats live at the Blind Cat Sanctuary in St. Pauls in Robeson County.

On Saturday, the doors were opened so people could come and play with the cats –without the pressure of adopting.

All but three of the cats at the sanctuary are blind, but they’re not skittish.

“The number one need we have is volunteers to come play with the cats. The cats need attention  and the reality is the staff can only do so much so you know come play with cats, sit down, lower your blood pressure have some fun,” said Alana Miller Director of the Blind Cat Rescue and Sanctuary.

Right now the sanctuary is full  and cannot accept any more cats.

The sanctuary has a shelter for blind cats who were deemed not adoptable by regular shelters and who were going to be euthanized — just because they were blind. 

For more information about the sanctuary and to donate, click here.

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