Hillsborough couple are ‘Hunted’ on new CBS show

English and Stephen King. CBS North Carolina photo.

HILLSBOROUGH, N.C. (WNCN) — A Hillsborough couple wanted to be cast on the CBS show Amazing Race.

Instead, they found themselves on the run being chased down by people hunters on another TV show called “Hunted.”

English and Stephen King talked about their experience on the new show, which debuts Sunday night on CBS North Carolina.

The Hillsborough couple are so-called “fugitives” on the show, which follows nine teams of two in a real-life manhunt.

Professional people hunters try to track them down by searching their homes, Internet and cellphone histories — and identifying  behavioral patterns.

If the so-called fugitives manage to evade the hunters for 28 days, they can win $250,000.

The couple had just a one-hour lead time before the hunters got their names, last known location and photo.

“You can’t plan for being a fugitive on the run. You have no money, you have no car, you have no phone and you really have very little resources. There’s not a lot of planning you can do. So, I think I was somewhat naive going into this thinking, ‘OK, here’s our plan’,” said English King.

But, the couples’ plan “fell apart like five minutes in. No plan! Out the window!” Stephen King said.

“You just kind of go with the flow,” English King said.

The show debuts after the AFC Championship game Sunday night on CBS North Carolina.

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