Groups protest outside Tillis’ NC offices ahead of Attorney General vote

RALEIGH, N.C. (WNCN) —  Monday night across the North Carolina protesters marched around the offices of Sen. Thom Tillis in protest.

In downtown Raleigh people were upset about Tillis’ support for President Trump’s picks for Attorney General and Secretary of Education.

They held the demonstration ahead of the Senate Judiciary Committee’s vote Tuesday, which will send Senator Jeff Sessions on his way to becoming Attorney General.

Protesters said Sessions has a bad track record and is not fit to hold the office. They’re especially concerned about civil rights progress for women, African Americans and the LGBTQ community if Sessions is confirmed.

Other protesters were concerned about the future of the country in general.

“Decisions are irrational. They’re not well thought out, and this is just the beginning. So where are we heading? Where are we heading world-wide, not just in our country? What are the repercussions?” asked Sylvia Short.

CBS North Carolina reached out to Tillis’ office Monday for comment on the marches.

Here is the response from his office:

“While we respect everyone’s right to peacefully demonstrate, our offices in North Carolina handle one thing: constituent services for North Carolinians. Senator Tillis’ office has assisted thousands of North Carolinians, from helping veterans receive the health care services they deserve, to ensuring seniors receive the benefits they’ve earned. Senator Tillis will continue to prioritize offering outstanding constituent services for North Carolinians as he works across the aisle in the Senate on a wide range of issues, including fixing our broken immigration system, reforming our criminal justice system, and improving the quality of life for North Carolina’s servicemembers and military families.”

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