New homeless men’s shelter opening later this month in Fayetteville

Crews are adding finishing touches to include two common areas, seven bathrooms, a laundry room and kitchen. Photo by Nate Rodgers/CBS North Carolina

FAYETTEVILLE, N.C. (WNCN) — A men’s homeless shelter in Fayetteville is less than a month away from opening.

Operation Inasmuch has served Cumberland County for more than a decade.

The new shelter allows the organization to expand its services.

Operation Inasmuch leaders say the new shelter is a dream come true not just for the city, but also for men that have gone without shelter for a very long time.

The new shelter is three years in the making and will be a safe haven and launching pad for homeless men wanting to transform their lives.

“Out of this shelter, we’ll not only have beds, but we’ll have a jobs program out of here so the men can come stay, get a job and turn their lives around,” said Ray Helton, Deputy Director Operation Inasmuch.

The brand new Operation Inasmuch shelter will be located along Hillsborough Street and is 6,800 square feet.

The building will accommodate 40 men each night.

Right now, crews are adding finishing touches to the shelter, which will include two common areas, seven bathrooms, a laundry room and kitchen.

Richard Staton, 50, will be one of the residents.

“If it wasn’t for those guys, no one would have no where to go, the 40 men that’s going to be here are going to be blessed because they’re making they’re making a better stand for their family and themselves,” Staton said.

The opening of the Operation Inasmuch shelter comes at a critical time.

Fayetteville’s Salvation Army shelter closed its door in October after significant flooding from Hurricane Matthew.

That shelter has yet to reopen.

“So right now for a man who is homeless, there is no place to go and that is a tragedy for our city and our community,” Sue Byrd, Executive Director Operation Inasmuch.

The $500,000 shelter was funded by donations from nearly 60 churches, local businesses and individual sponsors.

There were no state grants or federal funds used.

The shelter will offer various programs including emergency housing, job training and counseling.

“Lives are gonna be changed here, this isn’t just a place to come and sleep, and have a place at night, it’s a place to come…if you choose that, if you want that,” Byrd said.

The shelter is expected to open February 26 and leaders say they’re already expecting a full house.

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