For refugees, uncertain times in Raleigh

RALEIGH, N.C. (WNCN) — For some refugee families that are already here in the Triangle, the future may be uncertain.

CBS North Carolina spoke with one man, originally from Somalia, who is worried about the impact on his family.

“Me, I’m a Muslim and I’m Somali,” said Abdulaziz Mohamed. He’s lived in Raleigh for nearly a year with his wife and four children.

As a refugee, he pays close attention to the words and actions of President Donald Trump.

“What he’s talking about don’t go together,” he said. “When you say Islam, Islam is something else. To be radical is something else. Islam means peace and submission to God.”

Mohamed is years away from getting American citizenship, and he worries if things continue to change he might not be able to get citizenship and stay in the country.

“For them to have that fear, and it’s fear that brought them here in the first place because a refugee is here because it’s no longer safe for them to be in their home country,” said Kim Wyatt, a volunteer who helps refugee families when they arrive.

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