NC mom assaulted son and toddler grandson with samurai sword, police say

GASTONIA, N.C. (WBTV) — A 45-year-old woman is facing charges after police say she assaulted her son and toddler grandson with a samurai sword.


According to police, Mechelle Diane Willis got into a verbal argument with her adult son when she swung a samurai sword in a wooden sheath at her son’s head.

Her son was holding Willis’ 2-year-old grandson at the time and both were hit by the sword.

The man and child were both treated for their injuries and released.

One neighbor said he cannot understand why Willis would attack with a samurai sword, especially with a young child there.

“It’s sad that a parent or adult would hurt a child with anything, even a samurai sword. That’s bizarre. Why would you do that?” said Greg Carpenter.

Carpenter works for the Gastonia chapter of the Guardians of the Children. He said he has seen too many cases of child abuse, but never one like this, involving a samurai sword.

One neighbor who wanted to remain anonymous told WBTV she saw the two victims with big cuts on their heads.

Even though both the child and his father are expected to make a full recovery, Carpenter said the young boy may never heal from his emotional scars.

“He’s still going to be scarred. And he’s going to remember it,” Carpenter said.

Willis was booked in the Gaston County jail around 10:09 p.m. Monday night. She is charged with assault with a deadly weapon, assault with a minor present and assault on a child.

She was being held on a $10,000 bond.

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