Orange County mom angry after daycare worker breastfeeds her son

CARRBORO, N.C. (WNCN) — A mother is outraged after she says a daycare worker breastfed her child.

UPDATE: No charges to be filed in Carrboro daycare breastfeeding incident

“As soon as I turned my back and after I told you no, not once but twice, you still proceeded to put my son to your breast,” mom Kaycee Oxendine said about the incident.

“A substitute teacher said ‘you know, I can put him to my breast and breastfeed him’,” Oxendine said.

Oxendine said her 3-month-old son was constipated and that a substitute teacher at the Carrboro Early School told her breastfeeding the child could help.

She said the teacher made the offer twice, but Oxendine was very clear in her response.

“I said ‘no, absolutely not,’ that’s nasty to me,” Oxendine said about the Friday incident.

Oxendine, who also works at the school as a pre-K teacher, said that moments after she left the room surveillance video captured the teacher lifting up her shirt and putting Oxendine’s baby to her chest.

“I was in shock at the video. It was very unbelievable, unrealistic. I didn’t find out until she was gone,” Oxendine said.

The director of the daycare, Daron Council, told CBS North Carolina that an employee reported the incident and that they in turn alerted the N.C. Department of Health and Human Services.

Council says the teacher involved was licensed and had more than a decade of experience in childcare. He added that the teacher no longer works there.

Oxendine said that the teacher was fired. Following the incident, Oxendine said her son became sick and she took him to a hospital emergency room to be checked.

“He’s highly, highly lactose intolerant. He can’t have any milk-based products, any milk, anything with milk in it. So for you to not only go against my wishes but to also put something in my child’s body that may cause harm to him, that’s assault,” Oxendine said.

CBS North Carolina pulled the daycare’s records and found it was last inspected in March 2016. During that inspection there were no violations.

Oxendine says the daycare handled the situation appropriately.  She’s speaking out because she believes this wasn’t an isolated incident.

“The only thing I can imagine is you’ve done that on multiple occasions that you didn’t ask the parents and they didn’t tell you no, if you could do it that easily,” Oxendine said.

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