NC State students react to Gottfried’s ouster

Photo by Todd Gibson/WNCN

RALEIGH, N.C. (WNCN) — N.C. State Coach Mark Gottfried’s firing is the buzz around campus. The students we spoke with say they saw it coming, especially after Wednesday night’s loss to Carolina.

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Students say they don’t think the Wolfpack’s bad record has to do with talent, they say it’s more a lack of direction.

“I think it was coming for a while,” said senior David Markham. “I went to the game last night and a lot of ‘Fire Gottfried.’ chants were going on.”

“We had some good seasons here, he took us to four tournaments in a row, two sweet sixteens and I think he’s leaving the program in a better spot,” said N.C. State senior Lawson Ray. “So, he’s definitely made improvements, but I also feel like it was time for a change with the way things were trending.”

“I just felt like the team wasn’t playing together and there was a lot of talent that just couldn’t click,” said sophomore Thompson Vickers.

Of course everyone is speculating on who might fill Gottfried’s shoes.

“I don’t think we can afford any of the guys I want, to be honest,” said senior Nidal Redpath said.

“The hot name is Archie Miller since he’s an alum of state and I grew up watching him play,” said Ray.

“Archie Miller, actually over at Dayton,” said Vickers. “I thought he’d do a great job. He coached over here, he’s been over here a couple years ago.”

Gottfried will finish out the season, so his successor doesn’t need to start immediately.

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