911 call details incident that led up to fatal deputy-involved shooting in Orange County

HILLSBOROUGH, N.C. (WNCN) — A 911 call released by Mebane police is shedding more light on the incident that led up to the fatal shooting of a home invasion suspect by two Orange County sheriff’s deputies.

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Keo Crockett was shot and killed by a deputy during a confrontation at his home in Efland just before 11 p.m. Saturday.


Mebane police asked for assistance from the Orange County Sheriff’s Office with finding Crockett following a reported home invasion at a residence on Old Hillsborough Road around 10:20 p.m.

According to the 911 call made by the boyfriend of Crockett’s ex-girlfriend, Crockett went to his ex-girlfriend’s house before breaking into the man’s home.

“I came back to my house and we just got home and he just walked over to my house and put the gun up to my head and was gonna shoot me right here in front of my daughter,” the man told the 911 dispatcher.

Authorities had said that Crockett fired shots while inside the home, but the caller made no mention of any shots being fired while speaking with 911.

The man gave a detailed description of how the incident unfolded while on the line with 911.

“He just opened my door and just came right in here and said, ‘Where the f*** she at?” and ripped the covers off of her and my daughter and he put the gun to my head and was like, ‘I’ll shoot your ass right now’ and pointed it at her,” he said. “I mean, he’s probably gonna be back so we need an officer here very quickly.”

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Later on in the call, the man told the dispatcher that Crockett had come back, but quickly realized it was an officer. Crockett had already returned to his home by that time, authorities said.

Deputy Duke Ashley and Deputy Tyler Chelenza responded to the call and were given Crockett’s Efland address to investigate.

Ashley and Chelenza were able to locate a Chevrolet pickup matching the description given to 911 at a home on Virginia Lee Lane.

Ashley and Chelenza arrived at the front of Crockett’s residence and Ashley knocking on the door.

The Orange County Sheriff’s Office said Crockett then abruptly came out of the house and pointed a gun at Ashley.

Both deputies fired their weapons, striking and killing Crockett.

Ashley has been serving since January 2012 with Chelenza serving since December 2011.

Both have been put on administrative leave, which is standard procedure while the SBI and Orange County district attorney investigates.

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