For 3rd time, Holly Springs delays decision on 600-home development

Brad Cook shows where the new development would connect to his neighborhood. Photo by AJ Janavel/CBS North Carolina

HOLLY SPRINGS, N.C. (WNCN) – Holly Springs residents are worried about what 600 more homes in their community will mean.

On Tuesday, they took their concerns to town council on the night a decision was supposed to be made.

After expecting a decision all week on what will happen to their community, residents were told the decision would be tabled.

This is the third time the decision has been postponed but town officials say it’s the right call.

Holly Springs is growing fast. Rush hour traffic has to wait on the two-lane roads around some of the small neighborhoods.

Residents who live there say they’re worried it’s only going to get worse.

A proposal for more than 600 homes would connect to resident Brad Cook’s neighborhood.

Cook said he’s worried the roads can’t handle the influx of new residents.

“We care about responsible growth so we have a great place to work and play,” Cook said.

Cook and several other neighbors went to town hall Tuesday night hoping to finally have answer on what to expect.

But, instead the developer said he needs more time. So, for the third time since November town leaders tabled a decision on the new development.

Holly Springs Mayor Dick Sears says delaying the decision was the smart choice while the community is left waiting at least a month.

Sears says in the last few days he’s received dozens of emails, phone calls, and even Facebook messages from people like Cook who are concerned about the development.

He says the town listens and is giving the developer time to respond to the concerns.

Sears said he assures the community they won’t have to wait much longer.

“The chances of it being tabled again are one in a million,” Sears said.

The developer did not want to go on camera but said he’s not exactly sure what changes he will make.

The developer did say he was grateful for the town giving him until March 7 to respond to residents.

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