Officials recommend 6 Wake County schools drop year-round calendar

File photo of The Wake County School Board meeting in February 2017. Photo by Michael Hyland/CBS North Carolina

RALEIGH, N.C. (WNCN) – When Jennifer Velazquez got the call from Wake County Schools Tuesday evening, she was surprised.

Vance Elementary, her son’s school, may soon no longer be on a year-round calendar.

“Once you’ve experienced year-round, it’s wonderful,” Velazquez said.

The school board heard about the first phase of a plan Tuesday that could impact the calendar at schools across the county.

The main issue is space. Some schools are overcrowded, while some are below capacity.

“And then we want to determine how we can efficiently use all of the spaces in our schools, so that our year-round calendar schools are full, our traditional calendars are full,” said Cathy Moore, deputy superintendent for academic advancement for Wake County Schools.

Administrators are recommending six schools switch from year-round or modified calendars to traditional calendars starting in the 2018-19 school year.

Those schools are East Wake and North Garner middle schools as well as Carver, Lockhart, Rand Road and Vance elementary schools.

Some students at North Garner say it would help with learning.

“And, you wouldn’t forget it over Christmas break because that’s what I do a lot,” said Bryson Galloway, a North Garner Middle School student.

Timber Drive and Lake Myra elementary schools would switch from a single-track year-round calendar to multi-track, which means different students are on different schedules.

“I’m not super excited about that,” said mom Emily Scott.

Scott chose for her son to go to Timber Drive in part because she believes the year-round schedule keeps her son engaged in learning.

“We also like track four in particular because of how it mimics the breaks in the holidays,” Scott said.

“I think most of the recommendations that we have today will continue to provide families with a calendar option if they choose so,” Moore said.

Click here for the details on specific schools that could be impacted and how the public can give feedback to the school board.

Board members could vote on the schools mentioned so far on March 21.

After that, they’re looking at the multi-track year-round schools and the modified calendar schools.

So, dozens more could be affected.

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