RTP leaders call for immigration reform

MORRISVILLE, N.C. (WNCN) — As part of National Day of Action, Research Triangle Park leaders called for immigration reform.

To do that, local leaders are showing off new research on the contributions immigrants have in the Triangle.

Leaders said global talent promotes many of the businesses in RTP.

Research found that in the 2nd congressional district nearly 9 percent of the area’s population are foreign-born residents.

The numbers also show immigrants held $1.6 billion in spending power in 2014.

Immigrants are also nearly 52-percent more likely to be entrepreneurs than the native population.

“I would like Congress and any immigration bill to accelerate the path of citizenship with those that have skilled visa programs so we can remain competitive,” Morrisville Mayor Pro-Tem Steve Rao said. “We don’t entrepreneurs going to Canada or Europe – we want them to come to America.”

This event focused on immigration reform and technology. Another event will be held on agriculture later this week.

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