Latest HB2 repeal attempt makes waves at General Assembly

RALEIGH, N.C. (WNCN) – The latest chapter in the battle over House Bill 2 is unfolding at the General Assembly.

North Carolina lawmakers introduced a bill Wednesday some say is a bipartisan compromise that would amend the controversial law.

Bills can change as they are worked on but, right now, some believe the vote total would be close in the House.

Some say this bill is a good compromise but others are concerned about what it would do.

“Neither side can win this battle, so I’m trying to steer down the middle a bit,” said Rep. Chuck McGrady (R-Henderson).

McGrady sponsored House Bill 186.

The bill would repeal HB2 but it also includes some restrictions on local governments looking to pass their own non-discrimination ordinances.

Forsyth County Democratic Rep. Ed Hanes is a co-sponsor.

“It’s a great place to start a great conversation on getting rid of a bill that I think most people feel is bad for the state from a business standpoint and is very discriminatory overall,” Hanes said.

But there are concerns.

“I like the fact that the bill as proposed allowed cities to go farther in allowing civil rights protections. So I’m in favor of that part. I’m just not in favor of the way it does it,” said Rep. Darren Jackson, House minority leader.

The bill requires local governments provide 30-days notice before voting on a non-discrimination ordinance and then requires 90 days to pass before the ordinance takes effect.

If there are enough registered voters who sign a petition opposing it, the ordinance must go on the ballot as a referendum.

“I don’t think it will solve the problem,” Jackson said.

Even if the bill does pass the House, it still must go through the Senate.

Senate President Pro Tem Phil Berger said the Senate has no specific plans but will look at the bill once the House approves it.

The bill has been criticized from groups on both the left and the right.

There’s also the question of how groups like the ACC and the NCAA will view this bill.

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