NC sheriff calls some political protesters ‘vile and disgusting’

Henderson County Sheriff Charles McDonald. Credit: Henderson County, N.C.

HENDERSONVILLE, N.C. (WSPA-TV) – The Henderson County sheriff is getting praise and drawing some heat for his recent newsletter that calls certain protesters “vile and disgusting.”

The letter was posted on the sheriff’s office website and is now going viral. (Scroll down to read the entire letter)

In it, Sheriff Charles McDonald takes on bold topics like unity and patriotism, but he also discusses the line he says that must be drawn between what’s acceptable and what’s criminal protest.

“I had been watching the violent anarchist activity that took place on Berkley University. I found that really disgusting,” explained McDonald. “Really it was a riot. It was a mob, kind of using the mantle of the first amendment and I don’t think that’s appropriate at all.”

That event inspired the letter, with McDonald comparing rioters to petulant toddlers throwing a tantrum.

“I just really wanted to remind everybody of the value of the rule of law,” said McDonald, who also said in the letter that the United States was “facing an insidious threat from within.”

Since it was posted online, many have weighed in on the bold language and position.

“I don’t necessarily think that protesting is a vile thing,” said Kayla Beavers, who works in the county.

“People are protesting because they want change, because that’s what they believe in. I don’t think they should be scared away from that,” added Graham Hamblin, a Henderson County resident.

McDonald said he wants to be clear that he supports protests, as long as they are peaceful under the rule of law.

“I think protest is necessary, whether I agree with the protesters or not,” he said.

There is one part of his message for which he’s apologizing. He said a line insinuates social progressives are anti-American.

A recent conversation with a constituent changed his mind.

“She said ‘I’m a social progressive, but I love this nation.’ I told her, ‘You know what, I owe you and anybody who took that in that context, I owe them an apology’,” McDonald said.

Despite differences, McDonald said he’s sure of one thing.

“There’s a lot of good that’s in this nation, still. Certainly there’s a lot in Henderson County,” said McDonald.

Here is the full text of the letter from Sheriff McDonald:

“Rule of Law? We don’t need no stinking law!” This seems to be the message of those “protestors” destroying businesses and property while restricting free speech and interfering with the rights of fellow citizens to peacefully drive or walk on public streets or byways. What entitles them to scream vulgarities and to physically attack and ridicule those who dare question their myth-based, passion-inflamed, anarchist ideology? Well, they don’t like what they don’t like, regardless of how or why it happened.

They are like a child playing a board game. Gleeful at the prospect of winning but impetuously overturning the table and throwing a tantrum when faced with the prospect of losing. No nation or community can enjoy a peaceful existence when the Rule of Law is cast aside for no other reason than an election didn’t yield the results that some people hoped for. A nation that cannot subjugate itself to the laws established for the security and governance of its people, especially when those laws were established by its people, will not be able to provide peace and security for its people. Such a nation would be in great danger of forfeiting its own liberty to the angry passions of misguided rebellion founded in ignorance and oblivious to the righteous constraints afforded us all by the Rule of Law.

I believe many of the vile and disgusting protests that are taking place across our nation are not a result of the differences between America’s traditional political parties. Rather, they appear to be the result of an anti-American social progressive movement with the goal of subverting our great Republic and replacing it with something akin to the social economic governance that continues to decimate Western Europe to this day. In truth, I believe that many in this nation from all parties awoke at the last moment and saw the face of the beast that was poised to consume us all.

Now is the time for patriotism and unity. Americans must focus on what we all hold to be true, regardless of party or religious affiliation. We must move beyond anger and grief; beyond gloating and taunts; beyond anxiousness and fear. Despite what we have all endured, God is still on His throne and we, by His grace alone, are still the greatest nation on this earth. Still, we are facing an insidious threat from within, and how we choose to respond will determine what kind of a country we leave for our children.

Americans are deeply and rightfully patriotic. We love our nation, we honor our flag, and we worship our God according to the convictions of our own hearts. We love and honor freedom and those who have fought to obtain and keep it for us. We honor our nation’s diversity, and we believe in the God ordained dignity and equality for all people. We respect all life as being given by God. We believe in sacrificing for the common good. We believe that in our homes, our communities and across our nation, we are still our brother’s keeper.

As your Sheriff, it is my hope that our commonly shared values and beliefs will serve to unify us all for the sake of our county, our state and our nation. The Henderson County Sheriff’s Office is committed to the welfare, peace and safety of all who live in our community. Through unified cooperation and partnerships together, we will respect and uphold the Rule of Law, the dignity of our people and the rights of all to be safe and secure where they work and live. Can we count on you?

Sheriff Charles S. McDonald

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