Police T-shirt sales allow some Hillsborough children to attend camp free

Lt. Andy Simmons with the T-shirts. Photo by Justin Quesinberry/CBS North Carolina

HILLSBOROUGH, N.C. (WNCN) — Dozens of children in Hillsborough will be able to go to camp for free this summer – thanks to some shirts and a hashtag.

The Hillsborough Police Department started posting videos a few months ago and Lt. Andy Simmons decided to end them by saying “Hillsborough rocks.”

It caught on, so he made a shirt with #HillsboroughRocks printed on it.

He said people wanted the shirts, so the department is selling them for $12 each.

Each one is enough to send a kid to a soccer or basketball camp, and also maybe a junior police academy, he said.

Those camps are happening this summer and are put on by police and the parks and recreation department.

Usually 35 to 60 kids attend the basketball camp.

So far, more than 400 shirts have been ordered.

“People usually see the police and the community. But here in Hillsborough, we have a unique thing where it’s the police and the community together. We’re community partners. That’s what it comes down to. We don’t have a separate police department than we do from the community. We all work together. We all try and get these things done,” Simmons said.

The T-shirt sales continue through Monday on the police department’s Facebook page.

Another sale of pink and white shirts is planned in the fall for breast cancer awareness.

That money will go to help local families at Christmas.

The police department adopts 12 senior citizen families and one family with kids during the Christmas season.

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