Many questions, but no mention of IKEA at Cary Towne Center rezoning meeting

Photo by Carleigh Griffeth/CBS North Carolina

CARY, N.C. (WNCN) — There is no confirmation yet on whether or not furniture giant IKEA is coming to Cary. But, after a neighborhood meeting Wednesday night there is a little more insight into why Cary Towne Center’s owners are asking for rezoning.

The owners of the mall, CBL & Associates, are asking for rezoning of a particular part of the mall. The partial rezoning is raising questions from residents about why and for what reason.

But at this point, the questions outnumber the answers.


“I don’t see how you can ask for rezoning if you really don’t know what you’re rezoning for,” said Cary resident Pam Campbell.

Campbell was one of many asking questions about what exactly the rezoning of Cary Towne Center means.

A representative of CBL would only say the current zoning makes redevelopment challenging. Residents agree the mall needs not only a facelift, but new retail, restaurants and rentals like North Hills in Raleigh.

“I would like to see that type of development here. Why not? It’s sitting there, it’s empty. Why not develop it to the best of its potential?” asked Campbell.

The proposed rezoning of the Sears and Macy’s area would allow for 60-foot tall structures, instead of the current 54. It would also allow buildings 150 feet from Ivy Lane, instead of the current 300. The preliminary plans also include a double-deck parking garage.

“Our concerns would be light and noise to start with,” said Carl Bailey, who lives near Cary Towne Center.

Bailey says without knowing who will be filling that new space, it’s hard to get behind the plan.

“We’ll definitely be following it along while we’re waiting to see what they propose,” said Bailey.

The next step in the long rezoning process is scheduling a public hearing. CBL’s representative said it could be up to two years before a new retailer’s building goes up on the property.

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