Lt. Gov. Forest goes to Texas to support bill similar to HB2

Lt. Gov. Dan Forest (AP images)

RALEIGH, N.C. (WNCN) – North Carolina Democratic Party Chair Wayne Goodwin stood outside the General Assembly Monday asking for a compromise to repeal House Bill 2.

At the same time, Lt. Gov. Dan Forest was in Texas, bolstering support for a bill similar to HB2 there.

“I believe that this is an issue about doing the right thing. Unfortunately, it’s not an issue about the transgender community. It’s not an issue about the LGBT community. This is an issue about privacy, and safety and protection for all people,” Forest said.

Forest acknowledged the debate in our state.


“The biggest narrative and the one that seems to stick the most is the economic impact narrative,” Forest said. “That most extreme impact equates to one tenth of one percent of our annual GDP.”

Goodwin acknowledged Forest’s comment about HB2’s economic impact.

“He even brushed off the economic impact of House Bill 2 even though we’ve lost hundreds of millions of dollars and thousands of jobs because of House Bill 2,” Goodwin said.

Goodwin is urging a repeal soon to prevent future economic loss.

“The clock is ticking toward us losing the NCAA games for six years and hundreds of millions of dollars of activity,” he said.

Forest said there is “no price tag that you can put on the head of a woman or a child in a place of public accommodation.

“You can’t put a price tag on that. Not for an NBA game. Not for a NCAA championship. This is about doing the right thing.”

A three-judge panel for the Fourth Circuit Court of Appeals will hear arguments in a lawsuit that challenges HB2 on May 10 in Richmond, Virginia.

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